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About Me

Italian-Portuguese Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Based in Miami, Florida for the past 20 years with thirteen years of experience in the Fortune 500 world has given me the corporate sturcturing and mindset to help fuel success as an Entreprenuer and Investor of various startups and projects.

Growing up watching the Miami urban core explode has framed my outlook in life to help small businesses, large corporations and online personalities scale their companies and brands to the changing world around them.


Featured Project


Entering the market as the first publication built as a headless Wordpress, Furlough leverages the search engine's results page to drive additional traffic to social media influencers and brands. Using data to quantify influencer’s true influence. Building the framework for them to maximize and scale their brand along with the brands they collaborate with. Creating strategic campaigns aimed for conversions.



475 Brickell Avenue                    
Miami, FL, 33131



Email: igor@cxncollective.com